Retreat Workshops (Friday)

Something New! Choose/Pitch Your Own Adventure

Have a great idea for a discussion?
Want to gather with other people around a certain topic?
Interested in trying a little spontaneity?
(Workshop, Discussion, Gathering, Whatever)
We will have a bulletin board where you may “pitch” a topic or you may peruse the board for topics/ideas.  We’ll provide the materials for you to pitch an idea, if you choose, and space for you to gather with others.  We will also provide time for people to peruse topics.  Sign up for a topic and then gather at 3:00.
Topics may be posted anytime between Noon and 2:30. Signing up will take place between 2:30 and 3:00.
Let the creativity commence!

Trail & Sail... to Feed Your Soul!

Interested in experiencing the joy, healing peace and delight of a half day clergy retreat that consists of a wilderness beauty walk in Ferry Beach State Park and sunset sail in Saco Bay?  Renewal in the Wilderness and Broad Reach Ministries have teamed up to offer an exciting and unique retreat experience.  Come to our workshop to learn more and to see if this type of retreat experience is for you!
When was the last time you heeded Jesus’ call to
“Come Away & Rest Awhile” Mark 6:31-32
Psst…it’s part of the how to “let the peace of Christ rule!” Colossians 3:15
This workshop will take place aboard a 42’ Sloop within walking distance of First Parish Saco.  Your guides will share stories, pictures and experiences as well as beverages and tapas.

Are we life-long learners?

This workshop will focus on the need to keep educating ourselves as persons, leaders and ordained clergy. Theologian Karl Barth once said we should preach with the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other. How do we continue our studies of the Bible and sacred texts and how do we study these upsetting and strife filled times we are living in daily? How does our “study” inform our practice of ministry?

Led by Rev. Dr. Ron Baard, Acting Dean, Maine School of Ministry,  Maine Conference of the United Church of Christ

Friday Night Story Telling Event

Learn More!

Join us for the 5th Annual Non-consecutive Story Telling Event!


Do you have a (relatively) true story about something that happened to you (or someone you know) that occurred when you returned to a place you had once lived/studied/worked?

We are looking for stories that are about 7 minutes long. Have you ever gone back to your old church? Your old neighborhood? Have you attended an ex’s wedding? Have you ever gone back to speak at your old school? Or been a counselor at your old summer camp? If you would like to participate, please email Stephen Carnahan at, or call him at 207 784-1306 and let him know the synopsis of your story.

Affinity Lunches (Saturday)

Annual Meeting Book Group: Evicted, by Matthew Desmond

Selected Book: Evicted, by Matthew Desmond (the UCC General Synod All Church Read).  Led by Alyssa Lodewick, a member of the Maine Conference Board of Directors.


How can you and your church respond to racism in your community and in Maine?  Led by Chrissy Cataldo, Pastor at the Winthrop Church.

Christian Education and Faith Formation in the Local Church

Led by Jessica Moore, co-leader of the Faith Formation Resource Team.

Earth Care, Spirituality and Outdoor Ministries

Led by Steve Hastings and Allison Towne DiMatteo, both members of the Maine Conference Board of Directors.

Keynote Speaker, Julia Sleeper from Tree Street Youth

Led by Susan Reisert, a member of the Maine Conference Board of Directors.

Maine School of Ministry—Classes and Programs

Come and enjoy lunch with Ron Baard, Acting Dean of the Maine School of Ministry. Share in the discussion about the future vision and possibilities for the Maine School of Ministry.

Resourcing the Local Church

What is it and how does it work?  Led by Kathy Woodside, a member of the Maine Conference Board of Directors.

Pilgrim Lodge - Programs and Experiences

Learn more about Pilgrim Lodge and its programs as well as share experiences and memories!

The Holy Land

Hear stories and chat with our Associate Conference Minister the Rev. Darren Morgan about his sabbatical pilgrimage to the Holy Land!

Conversation with the Conference Minister: Where are we headed?

Come engage in conversation about the needs and direction of our Conference with Deborah Blood. What do you want to share about your ministry and what the Conference can do to support you??

Annual Meeting Workshops (Saturday)

Helping Your Community Through Integration of Technology

In this workshop, we will explore one Church’s journey to better help their community through the use of technology. Dedham Congregational Church found a need in their community for an after-school program for the students of Dedham School. As part of this new program, they had to adapt to modern technology to better aid these students. We will also look at what you can do in your church to better integrate technology while also supporting the needs of your community. We will look at models from other churches, and what you can do to identify the needs of your church and community while giving you the insight you need to help your church grow and adapt to a world driven by technology and communication.

Is your church in transition and looking for ways to create a positive experience for all?

You are welcome to join the Wells Church Team as they share their interim story and how they used it to create community and prepare themselves for their interim/settled pastor.

MEUCC Partnering to Rebuild Puerto Rico

In February 2019, the MEUCC partnered with UCC Disaster Ministries and Iglesia Evangelica Unida de Puerto Rico to send 14 volunteers from across the state to repair homes 18 months after Hurricane Maria devastated the island. This 2018 category 5 hurricane was one of the deadliest on record in the Caribbean Sea, killing over 3,000 individuals, causing more than $91 billion in property damage and leaving some communities without utilities for over a year. Come to this workshop to hear what these volunteers learned and did during their week-long stay and why the MEUCC is organizing another trip in 2020 to maintain the partnership. Rev. Char Corbett, one of the co-leaders of the trip, and several of the 2019 participants will lead the slideshow and conversation. This presentation will be led by Rev. Char Corbett, Mary LeConey and Pam Burnham with the possibility of other surprise guests participating!

Make A Joyful Noise!

This workshop will prepare the group to sing a piece of music in the final worship service in the annual conference.  The piece we learn will reflect the 2019 Annual Meeting theme of “Homecoming and Community Building”.  Workshop will include prayer, warm-ups, sectional practice, and performance.

Retreats that let the “peace of Christ rule!”

When was the last time you heeded Jesus’ call to

“Come Away & Rest Awhile” Mark 6:31-32

Psst…it’s part of the how to “let the peace of Christ rule!” Colossians 3:15


This workshop will take place aboard a 42’ Sloop within walking distance of First Parish Saco.  Your guides will share upcoming retreat opportunities, stories, pictures and experiences as well as beverages and tapas.

The Kids are Alright: Where young people today find faith and connection.

Many churches today are seeing the decline or in some cases, complete loss of their youth groups. Many are worried that today’s young people are leaving faith traditions or have no connection to community. Is this correct?  A group of high school students have brought this conversation to us and will be hosting a panel. Feel free to bring your questions on what is going on with Gen Z, where they find faith, what they see the history of church being about, and how churches can find connections in unique ways.

A conversation will be facilitated by young people from a variety of backgrounds.

Spirituality and Mindfulness

Peace within promotes outer peace.  How much time do we have for ourselves – to refresh, reenergize, rest? In this workshop, participants will learn, practice, and share spiritual mindfulness practices.  Come, be ready to relax.

Worship Reboot

Do you feel like worship is stuck in a rut?  Do you want to plan services that are deeply meaningful and spiritually rich but don’t know where to start?  Do you want to explore ways to involve people more deeply in your worship experience?  Come and explore five strategies, developed by Dr. Marcia McFee and the Worship Design Studio, that will help you reboot your worship service and help both worship leaders and those in the pews experience meaningful, memorable worship every week.  Rev. Kelli Whitman is part of a pilot program from the Worship Design Studio to teach and train churches and pastors who want to invigorate worship.

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